STEEL SHOT/STEEL BBS/12g CO2 GAS manufacture


 Steel Shot: Zinc-Plated and Original

Deling has been supplying the world's finest steel shot since the early 1990s. Our steel shot consists of highly polished and nearly perfect spheres, which are softened by an annealing process and refined to exceed industry standards. Our demanding standards create the finest steel shot on the market. It flat out performs better with tighter patterns and deeper penetration. When utilized in our high-performance load data, our steel shot is unbeatable in the field. We are the largest reseller of steel shot in the world and that volume means great savings and value for you.
Zinc-Plated or Original: Our premium steel shot is available in either zinc-plated or simply polished.  If you are seeking extended shelf life in your pellets and ammunition, then select the zinc-plated shot, which virtually eliminates the possibility of rust and corrosion.
Soft steel is better for guns: Our steel is annealed to the softest standards. Softer steel is easier on your guns and chokes and reduces any chance of damage.
Exceeds Industry Standards:dengling steel shot exceeds SAAMI standards for softness, consistent shape, and overall quality.
Dengling supplies non-toxic steel shot (steel balls) in bulk quantities for use as ballast, weight testing, and other industrial uses. Please contact customer service for a quotation and discounted shipping. For a low-cost, lead-free alternative to your industrial needs, check out our Steel Shot